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Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes we do.


How long does shipping take? 

2-5 days depending on the destination. A tracking number will be Emailed to you once its shipped! Shipments are made Monday-Friday


Will I be charged for taxes?

No, shipping is included on all sales in the U.S


What is the Warranty?

Warranty is for 3 Months starting on your purchase date.


How does your Warranty work?

If within your Warranty period, please send us an email to with your name, Shipping address, and we will send you more info!


What forms of payments do you accept? 

We except all forms of payment.


Still got questions? Call us 1-530-475-2762

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How does the Plasma Lighter Work?
When fully charged, flip the top open, press the button on the right and watch your Lighter Light up. insert anything of your choosing touching the Plasma Arc, to light.
How does the Sleek Ignite PRO Lighter Work?
when fully charged,  flip the top open and will Ignite & glow by a strong electrical current. Insert anything of your choosing inside the glowing circle to light.

Is the Battery Included?

Yes. Built in Battery, Each Lighter is fully charged in 30 Minutes. 


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