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  •  Our Plasma Bullet 'PRO' Lighter is the most powerful electronic lighter on the market. It is designed for Lighting Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes, Bowls, Incense, Candles and much more. The Plasma Bullet 'PRO' is Rechargeable, Windproof, Flameless, and Butane Free making it Eco-Friendly. This lighter the perfect accessory for your Home, Car or Smoking Use needs.


  • The Plasma Bullet 'PRO' Lighter is equipped with 6 Plasma Arc Nodes Generating Triple the Power of any other Cigar or Cigarette Lighter. The Plasma Bullet 'PRO' houses a small, powerful USB Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery which provides several hours of use before charging is required. Safety On/Off Switch is located at the Base of the Lighter, and an extra Safety Shut-Off Feature is Activated when the Lighter Cover is Closed. Always use with Caution.


The Plasma Bullet 'PRO' Boxset Includes:

(1) 'PRO' Lighter.

(1) USB Charger.

(1) 6 Month Warranty From Purchase date.

Plasma Bullet 'PRO' Lighter (Gold)

$80.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
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