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Enter A New Dimension with The Plasma ‘PORTAL’ Lighter ; ignites using a New 360º Rotary arc technology offering full coverage. 
Features a Touch-Power Button with 4 indicators for battery life. 

The Plasma ‘PORTAL’ Lighter Box Set Includes:

-Plasma 'PORTAL' Lighter.
-USB Charger. 
-Safety instructions.
-3 months warranty from delivery date.

Safety & Instructions: 

The Plasma ‘Portal’ Lighter uses a new 360º technology. When Fully Charged (1 hour) , flip the top open and press the power power button. The ‘Node’ located inside the sphere will ignite 360º for 6 seconds and then turn off automatically. Flip the top back closed and repeat process when needed. For battery’s lifetime, Please do not touch the ‘Node’ directly at the product you are choosing to light, & do not blow out into the product during ignition as it will burn out the current. To clean, please use a paper cloth and clean in a circular motion with a tear drop of water. Allow to dry. 

Plasma ‘PORTAL’ Lighter

$50.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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